July 26, 2016

No. 13, Sisters

Framed as shown.
This one was a little classroom demo showing one way to approach a composition. The girls ended up looking just like my nieces. And backlit, my favorite. 

No. 18, Peach

sold as shown with gold frame.
I would walk a mile for a peach. And then I'd eat two.  For dessert, another peach, with sugar and clotted cream please.

No. 17, Peach & Blues

I love those blue paper berry containers. Behind one might be a good place for a secret meeting.

No. 16, Ocean

with its perfect little frame.
You know Indian Beach? just north of Cannon Beach, if you take that winding road through the forest along the edge of the sea? then you park in the shade and take either path down to the beach? There.

July 22, 2016

No. 25 water

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Half empty or half full, either way there's space.
Framed as shown in a warm silver (it looks a little golder here than in real life)

No. 48 Emerald

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At one point I prepped stacks of these matboard cutouts by painting them with some leftover housepaint ("Captivating Teal"). I like to have something easy to work on if I feel like messing around, which is how this one came about. Framed as shown.

July 20, 2016

No. 15, outside the ice cream shop

Painted on black matboard, which is fun because the darks are already in and the lights pop. 
This also was framed up for my solo show at the University Club (which hangs till August 18).
in its perfect little frame...I really love these!